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I reciently realized the importance of being yourself. There was a time in my life when I would customize my resume based on the job I was seeking. I’m a jack-of-all-trades kind of guy, and was always expecting employers to want an empolyee they could eaisly put a label on. I’ve come to realize that while that’s true of many companies, it’s not true of the ones that I fit into.

Reguardless of the company and it’s philosophy, I’ve found it critical to be honest about your strengths and weeknesses. If your a good worker, the right company will find a place for you. If they can’t benefit from your unique skills, then it’s simply not a good fit. Shake hands, and know you’ve at least made one more good contact, that knows you’re a no bull shit kind if guy. Your reputation follows you everywhere you go.

The first step in doing this is being honest with yourself. The career that fate/genetics has chosen for you might make it a little harder to find work, but when you do, it will be a job, that will be a career, that you can be happy with. And work won’t seem so much like work.

Don’t be afraid you won’t get the job, if your not right for it, brave the cold and find the one you are right for.



10 on, 2 off

I’ve discovered Merlin Manns (10+2)*5 formula and I’m loving it.  I’m finding I’m more focus, and more motivated.

So here’s the breakdown of the idea for every 12 minutes, you spend 10 working and 2 as a break, I’m not one right now.  You don’t get stuck down rabbit holes of non-productivity, i.e. You Tube videos.

And you don’t get down about some miserable project you’re working on, because you can check when your next break is.  It’s a “OK, I can work on this for another 2 minutes, unitl my break” thing, otherwise you can find yourself dreading the task.  It breaks up the task into doable portions.

Learning vs. Practicing

PracticeI enjoy learning new things.  It’s just part of my character.  I’m not a big fan of practicing.  So to drill the same thing over and over again, does not hold my interest.

The unfortunate fact of life is that you can never be great without practice, and lots of it.  With talent alone you can be good, but to truly excel at anything you’ve got to practice.

Repetition grinds action into long term memory.  These long term memories serve as domain knowlege in order to give you perspective on other learning experiences.  Without practice the knowledge will not be stored in long term memory.

Martial arts provides a good example.  If I practice a jab for an extended period of time, I will have a great deal of domain knowledge about jabs, more so then someone that practices a variety of techniques.  I will also be able to evaluate other techniques against that knowledge.  There is a balance to this and identifying your goal is important.  If your goal is to be the the guru of jabbing, you’ve got to practice techniques within that domain.

It’s the same with martial art styles in general, if you want to be an expert in a given system you have to practice that system, the more you practice within that domain, the more expert you become.  When you practice in different systems you gain perspective at a different level, your expertise becomes more general.  The brain handles narrow domain knowledge better then broad, the factors become too many to effectively evaluate a particular technique.  Your knowledge becomes more general.

Thus, you can never be at the top of a domain unless you relentlessly practice.  If the domain is to broad, you’ll never be able to process all the experience to reach a level that you would have if you stuck with something more specific.

Thoughts for Bobbe

For those of you that don’t know Bobbe Edmonds here is where you find him.  Bobbe is a world class martial artists and a great guy.  To say that he’s going through a rough patch is an understatement.

Plagued with back problems he’s been in pain for months now.  Fights with insurance, and hospitals have challenged one of the strongest of us.

I am an atheist.  Not a militant one, but fairly sure the world is as we see it.  I don’t pray, as there’s no one to pray to, but I’m going to make an exception for Bobbe.  I truly hope there is someone listening, and I hope that someone gives him strength to carry on.

Bobbe Edmonds fav++

Idea burning

Book burning seen by most educated people as ignorant and immoral.

Idea burning is the same thing. Have you ever been talking to someone and disregarded their idea without giving it a chance, without evaluating it?


When you focus on the negative, you bring the negative to you.

It’s a pain in the ass that when you most need positive things to happen, the most negative things are happening around, and to, you.

“See challenge as opportunity”.  Feels like bullshit when you’re overwhelmed with challenges.

Tony Robbins is not bullshit

I know that a lot of people think self help is fluff and bullshit, but it’s not.  There’s real impact behind his ideas.  10% of life is what happens to you 90% is how you deal with it.